City-fringed living at out skirt price.


Sims Urban Oasis at Sims Drive

Conveniently located condominium development in a city-fringe area that is evolving into Singapore’s next lifestyle enclave. Here, you can be close to the city centre, while enjoying all that the vibrant surroundings have to offer. And with over 50 facilities and a diversity of unit choices, Sims Urban Oasis is the one residence that is perfect for everyone.

Located at Sims Drive, this mega project is the 1st of its’ kind in the area. If you are looking to invest in an area convenient to any part of Singapore, look no further. This is a hidden gem tucked away at the edge of Singapore’s bustling city. Here, where one can enjoy the excitement along the way to the city, as well as the peace and tranquility of nature. With a slew of exciting developments taking place in its surrounding areas, Sims Drive is set to transform from a cluster of old cafes and factories into a modern town where heritage meets edgy new comer.


A well positioned investment

Surrounded by 2 New Growth Area and 1 International School and 1 University.

Other than James Cook University with a projection of 7500 students, which is merely 500m away. Recently, Nexus International School had also secured a site at Aljunied Road, expected to complete in 2018. They will be able to take in 2000 students by the time they move into their new campus that is just across the road from Sims Urban Oasis.

Kallang and Paya Lebar is a New Growth Area with estimated 120,000 job opportunities with Food and Beverage, hotel, retail, restaurant and much more.

Sims urban Oasis is right in the middle of this great transformation, property price of this area will have a great potential to soar to a greater height.


Paya Lebar versus Jurong: which will be the hottest business hub?

About 30 years ago, if you bought property in Jurong, people were not sure whether to laugh at you or send you their condolences. 1980s Jurong was more underdeveloped than a 13 year-old’s Tumblr poetry, and 90 per cent of it was smog, industrial grade machinery, and overloaded trucks.

Then there was Paya Lebar. No one really remembers what it was like 30 years ago. In fact, Paya Lebar was so boring for so long, it’s possible the Singapore government was caught entirely by surprise when they looked at a map and realised it existed. I think that right up till the ‘90s, the most exciting recreational activity in Paya Lebar was measuring nose hairs, and seeing which one grew the longest before you died of old age.

My point is, both places were invisible on the property radar. Then came the business hub plans.



Location- The new EPICENTRE

Be right in the centre of Singapore’s rising new precinct. Is a City fringed living yet convenient to anywhere. This is a property near MRT station, Market and Reputable School within 500m and International school within 1km.

  • Guocoland’s Sims Urban Oasis is located on Sims Drive. It is within a five-minute walk to the Aljunied MRT station and one MRT stop from the Paya Lebar Interchange Station.
  • In between 2 new growth area (Paya Lebar Central and Kallang Riverside)
  • Paya Lebar Central, the up and coming 12ha sub-regional and commercial centre (1 MRT station away)
  • Kallang Riverside, a 64ha lifestyle and retail hub (1 MRT station away)
  • 4 MRT stops to City Hall and 6 stops to Singapore expo and Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)
  • 10 mins drive to Singapore Sports Hub, CDB and Marina Bay
  • Growing learning hub (James Cook University at Sims Drive, WDA Continuing Education and Training campus at Paya Lebar Central and 10 established Schools.)
  • With a host of boutique bakeries, artisanal coffee shops and hipster café, the area is fast becoming a trendy hangout place.
  • The development comprises 1,024 units that will cater to various resident-types from young couples to multigenerational households.
  • Sims Urban Oasis is also well served by the PIE, CTE and the KPE.

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Brief detail

Over 50 facilities including two 50m lap pools, spa pools, tennis court, 9 social zone, 6 shops and a childcare centre.

Developer GuocoLand limited
Architect ADDP Architects Pte Ltd
Main Contractor Woh Hup Pte Ltd
Site area 23,900.10 m2 (or approx. 257,259 ft2 )
Tenure 99-Years Leasehold from
Number of block 08
Number of level 15 level for loft tower, 18 and 19 level for rest of tower
Number of units 1024 Residential Units
Unit type
  • Typical unit from 1 bedroom to 5 bedroom
  • Loft from 1 to 2 bedroom
  • Dual key unit from 2 to 4 bedroom
  • 1 Childcare center
  • 6 shop front unit
Expected TOP base on construction progress 4th Quarter 2017


Unit Type

Wide variety of 1 to 5 bedroom homes for all lifestyle requirements.

Type Size in ft2 (approximate) No. of unit
1 Bedroom 409 (Fully Sold), 441, 463 167
1 Bedroom LOFT 463, 484 108
2 Bedroom 624, 667 294
2 Bedroom LOFT 710 54
2 Bedroom DUAL KEY 786 28
3 Bedroom 958, 1023, 1033 200
3 Bedroom COMPACT 818 36
3 Bedroom DUAL KEY 958 66
4 Bedroom 1206 36
4 Bedroom COMPACT 990 33
4 Bedroom DUAL KEY 1442  15
5 Bedroom 1722 15


Site Plan

BBQ Pit Located at Sky park at Tower 2 and 4
Distance betweens block 26m to 30m
Master Room for all unit types Able to fit in a King size bed
Balcony Able to install Balcony Screen after CSC
Ceiling height (typical unit) 2.7m for all level except highest level, 3.7m for highest level
Ceiling height (loft unit) 3.2m for all level except highest level, 4.2m for highest level
Flooring (Bedroom) Parquet flooring
Flooring (Living room) Designer Tiles for all type except at “Grand”, units will be marble
Application included Fridge, washer and City gas for closed kitchen (Selected Loft unit will include furniture deck)



Sims Urban Oasis Pricing

3 Bedroom Grand

Unit Size List Price Disc Price Disc PSF
#01-61 1066 sqft Not for Sale


4 Bedroom Dual Key

Unit Size List Price Disc Price Disc PSF
#04-25* 1442 sqft $2,355,4000 SOLD $1,584.42
#05-25 1442 sqft SOLD
#06-25 1442 sqft SOLD
#07-25 1442 sqft SOLD
#08-25 1442 sqft SOLD
#09-25 1442 sqft SOLD
#10-25 1442 sqft $2,425,700 $2,158,873 $1,497.14
#11-25** 1442 sqft $2,436,200 $2,363,114 $1,638.78
#12-25 1442 sqft SOLD
#13-25 1442 sqft SOLD
#14-25 1442 sqft Not for Sale
#15-25 1442 sqft SOLD
#16-25 1442 sqft SOLD
#17-25 1442 sqft SOLD


  • ID cost for #04-25 is $198,000 (Cash only)
  • ID cost for #11-25 is $128,000 (Cash only)

5 Bedroom

Unit Size List Price Disc Price Disc PSF
#04-26* 1733 sqft $2,815,300 $2,533,770 $1,462.07
#05-26 1733 sqft $2,825,600 $2,524,040 $1,423.60
#06-26 1733 sqft $2,836,000 $2,552,400 $1,472.80
#07-26 1733 sqft SOLD
#08-26 1733 sqft SOLD
#09-26 1733 sqft $2,884,200 $2,595,780 $1,497.85
#10-26 1733 sqft $2,896,700 $2,578,063 $1,454.07
#11-26* 1733 sqft  $2,909,200  $2,618,280  $1,510,83
#12-26 1733 sqft $2,921,700 $2,629,530 $1,517.33
#13-26 1733 sqft $2,934,200 $2,640,780 $1,523.82
#14-26 1733 sqft Not for sale
#15-26 1733 sqft $2,977,300 $2,679,570 $1,546.20
#16-26 1733 sqft $2,989,800 $2,690,820 $1,552.69
#17-26 1733 sqft SOLD


  • ID cost for #04-26 is $218,000 (Cash only)
  • ID cost for #11-26 is $138,000 (Cash only)


3 Bedroom Penthouse

Unit Size List Price Disc Price Disc PSF
#18-24 1184 sqft Not for sale
#18-61 1324 sqft Not for sale



3 Dual Key Penthouse

Unit Size List Price Disc Price Disc PSF
#18-31 1130 sqft SOLD
#18-32 1130 sqft Not for sale
#18-39 1130 sqft SOLD


4 Bedroom PH

Unit Size List Price Disc Price Disc PSF
#18-56 1539 sqft Not for sale


Updated as of 20 April 2018. Price is subject to changes and availability. Please contact us for latest info.


Sims Urban Oasis Floor Plan

Sims Urban Oasis comes with 4 different themes- Suites, Loft, Deluxe and Grand.

  • Suites – Designed to maximise space efficiency in a cosy setting.
  • Loft – With high ceilings and ample space, you can unleash your creativity and design the home you have always dreamed of.
  • Deluxe – The perfect family residence with generous space for children to grow. Also ideal for multi-generation families, without compromising on privacy for all.
  • Grand – Luxury has a new meaning. Arrive home to a chic contemporary abode lavished with thoughtfully created and functional spaces.

Artist impression

From the floor plan Sims urban Oasis, you can notice this development is using Jack and Jill bathroom concept; 1 bathroom with 2 door access. While most of the time is just the family living in the unit, one of the entrances can act as attached toilet, in the event there are just (not often) they can use the other entrance without having to go through the room.

Another advantage of such design is, the family staying in the unit will have more times for themselves rather than to spend time washing additional toilet.


4-bedroom Grand Floor Plan Stack 56 and 59


4-bedroom-compact Floor Plan stack 18 and 19


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3-bedroom (958sqft)

3 bedroom premium Floor Plan stack 20


Dual Key



2-bedroom (667sqft)

2-bedroom (667sqft)


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