What you need to know before going to an EC showflat?

Government introduced Executive Condo (EC) for our middle income household who wish to upgrade their lifestyle but squeeze out by private condo price tag.

After seeing a showflat for EC, only to find out you are not eligible will be devastating. In order not to be disappointed after falling in love with a particular EC, it is advisable to understand what is the EC Eligibility before making the trip.

Who can buy EC?

Anyone above 21 years old (excluding Joint Singles Scheme) who meets the following criteria:-

1. Citizenship

  • Singapore citizen forming a family nucleus or
  • at least a Singapore citizen together with a Singapore Permanent Resident forming a family nucleus

2. Family Nucleus

  • You and your spouse
  • You and your Parent
  • You and your FiancĂ©/fiancĂ©e
  • You and a child under your legal custody, care and control (for widowed/ divorced)
  • You and your unmarried sibling or another unrelated single Orphan (for Orphan)
  • You and another Single person, both above 35 years of age (for Joint Singles)

3. Property ownership

  • You, your spouse and occupiers listed in the application must not own or dispose any private property within 30 months from date of application including oversea property.
  • Each Singaporean household (for either one of applicant) can only own a maximum of one subsidise flat. Subsidised flat refer to the flat you bought directly from HDB or bought from the resale market with HDB Grant.
  • Your existing HDB flat (if any) must fulfil the Minimum Occupation Period (MOP).

4. Household Income

  • Your average gross combined Household income must not be exceeding S$14,000.00.

CPF Housing Grant for Family

The amount of grant an first timer applicants can enjoy as follows:-

Both applicants – 1st timer Both applicants – 1st timer 1st applicant – 1st timer 2nd applicant – 2nd timer
Monthly Household Income SC/SC Household *SC/SPR Household Half Grant
Below S$10,000/- S$30,000/- S$20,000/- S$15,000/-
S$10,001/- to S$11,000/- S$20,000/- S$10,000/- S$10,000/-
S$11,001/- to S$12,000/- S$10,000/- S$0 S$5,000/-
S$12,001/- to S$14,000/- S$0 S$0 S$0

* SC/SPR household = the applicants comprises of a Singapore Citizen (SC) and a Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR).

* If you are from an SC/SPR household, you can enjoy the full housing subsidy by applying for the Citizen Top-Up when your SPR family takes up Singapore Citizenship or when you have an SC child.

Citizen Top-Up

The SC/SPR household will qualify for the Citizen Top-Up when:

– the SPR spouse who is the co-applicant/co-owner/occupier of the EC subsequently becomes a SC, or

– an SC child is born to the SC applicant/owner and spouse of the EC, or

– the SPR parent/child/sibling# of the EC subsequently becomes a SC.

# Conversion of sibling to SC to qualify for the Citizen Top-Up applies only to flats purchased under the Orphans Scheme and Non-Citizen Spouse Scheme.

The SC/SPR household can apply for the Citizen Top-Up if they meet the condition before taking possession of the flat.

The SC/SPR household can also apply for the Citizen Top-Up for their existing EC, provided there is continuous occupation of the EC by the SC owner and SPR co-owner/essential occupier. Upon the sale of the EC in the open market, the SC/SPR household will not be eligible to apply for the Citizen Top-Up.


New Executive Condo is considered a subsidised flat, certain HDB rules still applies.

  • Need to fulfil **MOP before renting out whole unit or sell in open market.
  • Can only hold on to one property before fulfilling **MOP
  • 5 years after TOP will have status change to semi privatise (meaning you can only sublet the whole unit or sell the unit to Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Residents after 5yrs MOP)
  • 10 years after TOP will have status change to fully privatise (meaning you can only sell the unit to a Foreigner after 10yrs)
  • Starting with EC at Westwood Avenue, HDB upgrader will have to pay resales levy.

**MOP = Minimum Occupation Period


More question before getting an EC?

  Speak to our Adviser, we will get a someone to assist you.


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